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Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas Grade School, Home of the Wildcats!

St. Thomas Aquinas provides a nurturing, spiritual, and challenging academic environment for students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  In addition, we have an excellent Preschool that prepares our students for their elementary education experience.

Focus on Academics
At St. Thomas Aquinas we don't teach to tests or just from textbooks; we teach children.  Your child is a unique person with individual strengths and much promise.  Here they learn beyond the textbook. We strive to develop character and a love of learning. We want students to understand their potential and endeavor to do their best. It is no secret that we teach to the top students and help everyone to achieve.

The Catholic Tradition
We see God's reflection in every child and cultivate faith formation for a new generation of Catholics. Everything we do is rooted in our Catholic faith tradition and we offer this to everyone; however, we welcome students and families of all faiths. By teaching God's love, your child understands human dignity. So, when the world calls for social justice, ethical leadership, and compassionate response to a crisis, a Catholic school grad will lead the way.

A Supportive Community 
When we believe in our students, they believe in themselves. A St. Thomas Aquinas education is more than learning, its building relationships with people; the community; the world. It's creating a safe, nurturing and structured environment. It's doing all of these things so we can focus on what really matters: your child's future.

Student Success 
Academic excellence is just the beginning at St. Thomas Aquinas. We help children develop character.  They learn that success comes when they seek to achieve. Our students' academic success is evident in that you will find our graduates in the best high schools, programs and colleges.

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